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Have you ever heard of the Childrens’ Day in Japan when people put up carp-shaped flags? If you are familiar with that special day then you must know the meaning of Koi is carp in Japanese. The Japanese koi fish symbolizes courage in Japan because when caught by a fisherman they don’t quiver like other fish. Japanese people usually don’t eat the koi but in the past it was believed that the blood of koi can cure many diseases.

If you ever visit Japan and go to a traditional Japanese garden then it is very likely that you will see a small pond filled with life like sized koi fish.Kois are commonly found in almost all continents, mostly in Europe and Asia because the koi fish can easily adjust to any climate and geographical condition.The one you mostly see would be either in gold, red or mixed colors but actually they can be in any color as you can see in the koi pictures below. Japanese children like the red, black and white colored koi which is also known as Gosanke.

There’s another reason why koi is a special fish for Japanese kids: koi means friendship and love (actually the word koi sounds the same with another word in Japanese meaning to like “koi suru”). Below you can find some popular types of koi and the videos where kois are fed with babybottles. Enjoy!

Koi, Koi fish in Japanese, Japanese koi fish, 鯉

Koi,Japanese koi fish, 鯉


Koi, Koi fish in Japanese,

Koi, Koi fish in Japanese,Koi, Koi fish in Japanese,


Children’s TV programming in Japan is heavily influenced by the government owned TV channel NHK which puts emphasis on kids shows and children’s comedy programs.

Here’s a brief list of the most popular kids shows in Japanese:

ポンキッキーズ 、Ponki Kids.  

This is one of the most popular TV shows in Japan broadcasted on Fuji TV.

おかさんといっしよ, With my mother

This kids show is for kids 2-4 and on NHK. Tons of animations and dancing puppets. Edutainment format.

ウルトラマン, Ultraman
Fight between Ultraman (red/silver costume) and evil characters. Ultraman most of the time ends up winning the fight.

えいごであそぼ, Let’s Have Fun Studying English

An NHK program produced to increase the motivation of Japanese kids to learn English. Motchi, Jenny and Eric go to different places and interact with children.

In this video ANPANMAN goes to a foreign country where he has to speak in English


ポケモンスマッシュ!,Pokemon Smash

A Tokyo TV show that features guests, comedians and wrestlers entertain children. Kids are asked questions about Pokemon characters.


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